Social Media

Social media planning, monitoring, analysis, management as well as full coordination of online marketing activities.


  • Planning and preparing Facebook content system, posting strategy and posting content
  • Analysis and monitoring of social presence
  • Preparing video and photo materials to support social media communication
  • Developing or revising policies
  • Developing result monitoring and report systems
  • Developing partner network and cross promotion management
  • Content management on a daily basis, community building and care
  • Preparing weekly/monthly/quarterly reports
  • Advertisements: creative and text production management
  • Running of games and promotions, monitoring and analyzing competitors
  • Facebook remarketing
  • Custom audience advertisement targeting


  • Planning and strategic creation of AdWords campaigns
  • Optimalisation based on profitability
  • Fine-tuning of campaign settings affected by conversations
  • Starting remarketing campaigns
  • Starting AdWords display campaigns
  • Starting retargeting campaigns
  • Starting AdWords banner campaigns

Online marketing tasks:

  • Website optimalisation (survey, consultation)
  • SEO baseline analysis + Google Webmaster checking
  • Building Mailchimp systems
  • Building content marketing systems (strategic creation, content planning, operation of certain elements such as, blogs, Pinterest Google tools, Youtube channel, knowledgebase, LinkedIn and Twitter etc.)

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