Reputation Management

Why can it happen that, out of two relatively similar companies’ products, one’s product is more successful?

Why is it so that the amount of the fine of a global company is smaller than the decline in its share prices?

What is the reason behind the phenomenon that in corporate compensation lawsuits we hear more about ‘reputation damages’?

One thing which is common in the examples above is corporate reputation that is becoming the most important capital assets for corporations. In other words, corporate reputation will be defined as the next stage of the evolution of management since it summarizes the company’s success. Therefore, reputation is a strategic factor.

The ranking of Fortune Magazine, The Most Admired Companies strongly supports the truth of the above: the world’s leader and most successful companies with the bases of scientific methods consciously utilize the opportunities of saving and managing the cumulative of intangible assets which is known as reputation. Note: this is not equal to goodwill.

Our company, MedMan Solutions is the first in Hungary with its overall reputation management service. Our method is based on the global industry pioneer Reputation Institute, and we are committed to the continuous development of reputation management.

We are entitled to the spreading of the approach and the practice of reputation management in Hungary. According to the practice-based and experienced method, reputation:

  • does not mean how famous somebody or a company is
  • is not about ’well-known’, but it’s all about business strategy
  • is not an incomprehensible thing, but it’s a measurable capital asset
  • is not an unnecessary “plus” activity, rather it is the key of creating value
  • is not just about large listed companies, but is about everyone who wants to be successful
  • is not an investment with extreme costs, but is a strategic approach and decision-making
  • gives you measurable results not only in the long-term, but in the short-term too

Let’s begin your conscious and deliberate reputation management with MedMan Solutions!

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