Public Relations

“Public Relations is about reputation. The result of reputation is evertyhing what you do, what you say and what others say about you.”

(Hungarian Public Relations Association’s professional resolution about the PR activities)

MedMan Solutions is providing full communication service in the field of PR, no matter to talk about long-term or short-term goals, case or strategic featured commission. Therefore we undertake:

1) planning, organizing and implementing classic press communcation tasks:

  • organizing press events
  • building and developing media relations
  • organizing interviews (preparation is included)
  • organizing media trainings
  • organizing background discussions
  • writing and editing press releases
  • preparing press inquiries, opinion research
  • preparing media analysis
  • press monitoring

2) concerning internal communication activities:

  • opinion researches
  • preparing internal communication strategies
  • gap analysis
  • review and development of internal policies
  • preparing and implementing action plans

3) implement strategic PR activities, such as:

  • preparing PR strategies
  • preparing PR action plans
  • full crisis communication
  • preparing stakeholder mapping
  • preparing public policy plans
  • crisis management
  • risk management

4) planning and accomplishing CSR activities:

  • CSR guidance
  • elaborating CSR strategies

5) tasks related to marketing-PR:

  • product/service launch
  • event organization

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