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Thanks to health – “turkey giving” with professionals

Thanks to health – “turkey giving” with professionals

28th November, 2013, Budapest


The Hungarian Turkey association held its first event with mainly professional nature in Szarvas 2 years ago named Turkey Day. The organisation has decided to hold a yearly professional conference with the purpose of creating a tradition which will be a forerunner of Christmas timed for the date of Thanksgiving Day in the USA. The goal of the client was that the economic and professional press along with the representatives of gastronomic and women’s papers would be present firstly on the professional event. Also, they have set the goal to reach the consumers on Facebook through ads and other forms of promotion.

Our agency has taken on the full organization and implementation, in this context has organized and coordinated the event, from assembling the irregular menu, asking the performers and coordination of their performances as well as inviting the press and organizing publicity regarding the event (organizing interviews, writing press releases, press review) to creating and managing the Facebook page.

Most of the Hungarian Turkey Association as well as 22 leading journalists were present on the event. As the result of generating publicity regarding the event we have achieved more than 100 publications.

The long term goal of the Facebook page launched in the beginning of November is to create a community of Hungarian turkey meat lovers, moreover, to help the flow of information, to stimulate the consumption of turkey meat, as well as to help disperse disbeliefs. By the day of the event, we have collected more than a 1000 likes and also ran a promotion game. Here you can see and certainly can join the working page:


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