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Drawings of human relations

In the framework of cooperation with Mosoly Otthon (Smile at Home) Foundation (MOHA), MedMan coordinated the press communication of one of the residents of Symbiosis foundation in Miskolc, Tamara Mihálykó’s exhibition “Me, You, Them”, in the Klauzál13 Bookstore and Contemporary Gallery in Budapest. The exhibition, opened on 23th June 2013, includes the graphic series that consist almost 500 drawings which is an important stage for the art program lasting several years, named AutisticArt, as this is the first independent graphic exhibition that shows the inner world of an autistic girl through her drawings.

Since 2010, MOHA has discovered several outstandingly talented autistic composers and with the help of artists they have undertaken the task to take care of these composers and help their visual development. About the art program you can read more at: AutisticArt.

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