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Autism-Europe konferencia

10th International Autism-Europe Congress

26-28 September, 2013, Budapest

MedMan has worked together with the Hungarian Autistic Society (AOSZ) since June 2013. Within the framework of the cooperation the communication of the 10th National Autism-Europe Congress has been supported.

Autism Europe (AE) – the European organization that combines people concerned with autism, their families and their representing organizations – organizes the International Autism Congress which mobilizes the entire profession world-wide. The Hungarian Autistic Society has won the right to organize this year’s congress. The event in 2013 in Budapest was the 10th in the history of congresses which was a jubilee and irregular from multiple viewpoints: Autism Europe has celebrated the 30th anniversary of its foundation with this event in 2013, also the same year was the 25th anniversary of the Hungarian Autistic Society. Moreover, the event in Budapest also had great significance due to the fact that never before has any Eastern-European country won the right to organize this event.

During the 3 day event the participants could see countless special workshops and professional forums as well as more than a 100 professional presentations. Over the above, the event hosted the meeting of the European youth with asperger syndrome and an exhibition consisting of works of autistic artists could also be seen.

More than a 1000 people from 70 different countries have registered for the event. Although the congress was organized in Europe, in fact every continent was represented in the form of performers and audience. The event’s guest of honour was Her Majesty Marie the Danish princess.

Our company has contributed to work with the press and as a result we generated multiple interviews and publications (for example: the Magyar Narancs/Hungarian Orange). In addition to this, we have organized the collaboration with media partners, as well as we helped the work of the chairman of AOSZ as an advisor. Furthermore, we created background materials, revised speeches and continuously kept contact with the most important media outlets.

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